Saturn V Software Systems is headquartered
in a suburb of Atlanta, GA with a research and development office in
Chattanooga, TN. This location allows us to serve one of the largest
retail automotive markets locally and provides easy national access to our
customers and partners through Hartsfield International Airport, the
world’s busiest airport.

The Philosophy

Saturn V Software has been serving
dealerships since 1996 with revenue and operational enhancing software
which enable a dealership to work smarter, faster and more profitable than
ever before. Our products were developed with the operational procedures
of a dealership as the top priority.

Some of our competition has put out very
comprehensive software packages that require intensive training and a
change in philosophy in order to utilize them to the maximum. We, on the
other hand, come from inside the dealership and have built the
functionality to fit the way you do business. This includes the deal
process from ‘up’ to delivery to post sale follow-up. Our software is the
most intuitive and we continue to add functionality as our customers
request it. This is what sets us apart. We listen to the needs of our
customers and that has translated into the best software available for
retail automotive dealerships. The bottom line is, we don’t tell you how
to do business with our software, we let you tell us how our software
needs to do business for you!

The History

Saturn V Software was born in 1996 when
Johnny Wilson was a manager at a franchise dealership. He knew there was
an easier way of selecting and structuring sub-prime credit deals and
developed a basic Excel spreadsheet to assist in lender selection. As
anyone experienced in sub-prime knows, lender selection and credit
packaging is only the first step in the process. So as Johnny identified
more and more areas of improvement he set out to develop software to
assist in his daily activities. This personal productivity package became
so successful word got around and Johnny was in high demand at other
dealerships facing the same confusion. So, instead of helping just one
dealership, he founded Saturn V Software to help all dealerships.

After the initial sub-prime credit
qualification came integration with inventory for complete deal
structuring. In 1997 we added the book value integration for automatic
updating and the inventory control reports. Since 1998, additional
functionality has been non stop. Complete contract and form printing,
customer follow up letters, lease residuals and deal selection, complete
accounting reports, historical trend analysis and reporting and
effectiveness of sales team, lenders and advertising sources are some of
the additional features. What started as a solution to one problem has now
turned out to be the most complete customer, inventory and financial
software package for front end dealership management available.

In just the last year alone, we have added
the Internet module which synchronizes your showroom and
business office with your web site. So many dealers are struggling with
how to use the Internet to increase their showroom traffic and we have once
again responded to the request. With Master Web, inventory is updated with
one click (and never outdated), sale prices are always updated, consumers
can search by loan or lease payment range and sub-prime credit consumers
can pre-qualify themselves and print a list of cars matching their budget
and situation. This has made a tremendous, positive, impact on the way
dealerships can serve the multi-channel consumer and has again increased
our ability to deliver to the dealership.

Future enhancements include customer follow
up and loyalty campaigns, synchronization of inventory with third-party
marketplaces and electronic credit and lending package submission. We
continue to increase our productivity to meet the ever changing demands
of our customers and their consumers.