Why is the design of the Unified Data Model a competitive advantage for you as a software supplier and us as a dealership?

The Unified Data Model, and the philosophy behind its design, has allowed Saturn V to offer software products that are more than just overblown calculators. Our products are integrated throughout the entire dealership which enables the consistent flow of accurate information to all dealership staff and consumers across all human and electronic buying channels. This not only increases the dealership’s ability to service their customers but decreases the associated overhead and increases profits. There are many competitors offering ‘niche’ products which offer partial solutions to a dealership’s complete challenges. The Saturn V software line has benefited through the input of our customers, the changes in the marketplace and our internal vision to continue to provide the most complete and intuitive software for retail automobile dealerships.

The Unified Data Model synchronizes your customer, inventory and lender information across all dealership departments and consumer buying channels for real-time access regardless of the point of interaction. When you trade for a car, the car is immediately available to your sales staff and Internet customers. When you advertise a sale event, your specified pricing appears on the Internet and automatically expires after the event to avoid confusion and embarrassing situations. Your customers can perform self pre-qualification on your web site regardless of their credit situation and search by payment budget for loans or leases. There is more information available on the each module in our products section