Internet Module

The Internet has changed the automotive consumer’s buying habits and the information available to them during the research and buying process. Dealerships are facing more informed consumers than ever before and dealerships are also facing the task of servicing these multi-channel customers in ways which they are unaccustomed and inexperienced. The consumer still wants to buy a car face-to-face with a local dealership which offers quality vehicles, competitive pricing, flexibility in financing programs and a solid service center. The difference is that a consumer doesn’t need to spend an entire day personally visiting dealer after dealer (especially when looking for a used car) evaluating inventory and payment plans. They now sit at home and can do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This has decreased the number of personal lot visits consumers are making, thereby decreasing the number of chances a dealer has of selling that customer a car. The dealership which takes a proactive approach to supply updated, consistent information through the electronic channels will see an increase in sales through the human channels.

The Internet Module of Master Mind is the first product offering logical information to the benefit of the dealership and the consumer. Supported by the Unified Data Model, the Internet Module integrates with the Finance Module, Inventory Module, Sub Prime Module, Lease Module and CRM/CSI Module to provide accurate, consistent information regardless of the consumer’s research and/or buying channel.

The Internet Module enables dealerships to provide updated inventory information with pictures, updated sale pricing, logical cross-selling and up-selling functions, automatically expiring sale event pricing, automatically generated inventory specials, automatically expiring financing specials, sub prime credit pre-qualification and deal selection and new and used car leasing payment searches to consumers on their web site. This is the information consumers are demanding and the Master Mind’s Internet Module empowers the dealership to respond.

The Internet Module has been developed from the dealer’s view. This unique approach, as compared to other companies developing web sites, allows the dealership to control the loan and lease programs displayed, the minimum profit margins, the filtering of inventory specials and the ability to seamlessly integrate the information across all channels with very (and we mean VERY) little maintenance. Other features include integration of credit applications, quote requests and demo drive scheduling, service appointment scheduling and personalized email. Dealership management also has the ability to view detailed reports including the type of consumer requests, the response time from the staff, the penetration and effectiveness of third-party lead sources and the overall effectiveness of their staff’s ability to service and sell to Internet consumers.

Dealerships are just beginning to understand the power (both positive and negative) the Internet will have on their sales and their relationships with consumers and trading partners. The Internet Module is the only solution for dealerships seeking to increase their confidence in their Internet presence and their consumer’s confidence in the dealer’s ability to service their needs. Saturn V is in the business of enabling this confidence to allow dealerships to operate at their maximum efficiency and profitability while providing unmatched consumer service. Due to the explosion of the Internet as a consumer buying channel and Saturn V’s Unified Data Model, the Master Mind product synchronizes the information throughout the dealership for better customer service and increased operational efficiency unmatched by any other company developing web sites for retail automobile dealerships.

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