The Saturn V Software Unified Data Model

Saturn V Software uniquely looks at the challenges retail automobile dealerships face when dealing with today’s consumers. Due to the explosion of the Internet, consumers are more informed during the car buying process and are demanding accurate information regarding price, service, financing and trade valuation. Dealers which cannot offer this information are faced with a loss of credibility and dwindling revenue. Dealers that can offer accurate, consistent information will benefit with increases in sales, profits, cash flow, referrals, repeat buyers and employee retention and decreases in operational overhead and aged inventory.

Saturn V Software integrates all the activities related to presenting and selling a vehicle from pre-sales to delivery and post-sales analysis in the Unified Data Model. This gives consumers consistent information either through traditional showroom and human contact or electronic channels such as a dealer’s web site and Internet marketplaces. This comprehensive architecture also increases the speed and reliability of information flow inside the dealership. This approach expedites the selection, structure, packaging, delivery and funding of deals and enables the dealership to consistently communicate with the consumer after the sale for increased satisfaction and return service and sales visits.

The Saturn V Software Master Mind product line features nine modules that enable retail dealerships to effectively and proactively deal with consumers and financial trading partners. Equally important, dealerships can more efficiently control their inventory and gain analytical insight into their operations they currently are without. The result is an out-of-the-box solution that can be easily tailored and expanded for any size dealership. The modular format allows even the smallest dealer to begin servicing consumers equally efficient with the capability of growing and adapting to support their future business needs.

The Master Mind Unified Data Model is a complete sales platform for retail automobile dealerships and is built from the dealership’s point of view. With the modular platform and Unified Data Model, Saturn V Software offers dealers two guarantees. First, dealers can synchronize their information, gain confidence in their Internet presence and leverage additional sales channels within 14 days. Second, dealers will have a cost-effective, end-to-end customer, inventory and financial management system which will increase operational efficiency and maximize revenues. The typical dealership will experience a return on investment for the Saturn V system in as little as six months.

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