With Quick Tax Quote Online Portal, you can lookup out-of-state sales tax rates, tag, title and other fees based on the customer’s zip code. You can use these rates to immediately and accurately calculate the correct sales taxes and fees for any of your out-of-state (or in-state) deals. Simply input your sale price and other deal numbers into the portal and the Quick Tax Quote Portal will calculate sales tax and other fees needed to give you the bottom line total. It will also allow you to calculate a payment if desired. The system will even give you the name and address of the correct DMV office for your customer’s location where the documents need to be sent for processing. You can calculate taxes and quote figures for all your customers anytime online and even from a mobile phone or tablet.

Quick Tax Quote maintains an up-to-date database of all the states sales tax rates and registration fees associated with the sale of a motor vehicle and other items that are taxable in out-of-state situations. We make it simple and easy for your business to comply with all of today’s interstate sales tax laws and regulations.

1) Get instant, accurate sales tax quotes for any state and any deal situation immediately online. If the deal numbers change you can instantly recalculate the sales tax and prevent overcharges or undercharges.
2) Get correct Tag, Title, registration and other required fees instantly for any state, including the address and contact information for the county DMV office.
3) Only pay a monthly fee for accessing the system, no more “per deal” charges. One deal a month or 100 deals a month, same cost. Process as many as you want for the same low monthly subscription fee.
4) Multiple users can access the system and get quotes even if someone else is also getting a quote. Increase efficiency and productivity by being able to get multiple quotes at once.
5) Access the system from any computer, tablet or mobile device that is connected to the internet. Get a tax quote for your customer even if you are out on the lot showing a vehicle.
6) Control your deal paperwork from start to finish. Eliminate the high costs of expressing contracts and paper work back and forth to outside processing centers. Finalize the deal quicker and get funded quicker.