Inventory Module

The Master Mind Inventory Module enables a dealership to maximize the presentation, valuation and control of their inventory to maximize profits and inventory refresh. The Inventory Module provides complete inventory ‘book out’ and consistent valuation capability from the three leading used car value books (NADA, Kelley, Black Book) which provides real-time, accurate inventory valuations and detailed information currently unavailable to dealership management. The Inventory Module synchronizes the inventory information throughout the dealership and the Internet for consistent, updated and accurate presentation and pricing regardless of the consumer buying channel as well as logical cross-sell and up-sell recommendations to the buyer.

Every size dealership will have a better control over their equity position, proactively monitor aging inventory and save time and money becoming compliant with window sticker and FTC Buyer’s Guide requirements. The Inventory Module also enables a dealership to evaluate past trends to maximize future inventory planning through historical reporting and analysis. Daily lot inventory reports, equity reports, book value status, aging inventory, sale event preparation, RO cost management and control, current inventory percentages by make, model, etc., past profit margins by make, model, etc. are some of the examples of the level of detail available through the reporting features. The possibilities for detailed inventory review and management are endless and dealers can make more informed inventory planning than ever before.

Planning for a sale event is easier, faster and more accurate with the Inventory Module. Through the use of hand-held units and sale event pricing that automatically expires at the end of the event, dealerships have their cost, book values and current selling price on one screen and the confidence no unit will be accidentally marked under cost. This eliminates the need for manual updates to inventory pricing and avoids the sensitive issue of explaining why the advertised price is no longer valid.

The Master Mind Inventory Module has been developed from the dealership’s view and is easy to maintain. Other inventory systems on the market are limited in functionality and do not provide the synchronized information available in Master Mind’s Unified Data Model. The synchronization of information across the dealership and all consumer buying channels (electronic and human) gives dealers a competitive edge in servicing today’s consumer and decreases the complexity and overhead associated with inventory control, presentation and planning.

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