Sub Prime Module

Sub Prime Module Sub Prime finance, once a staple of certain dealerships serving a specific consumer demographic has risen into the mainstream and even luxury dealerships due to the increase [...]

Direct Mail Module

Direct Mail Module Marketing through direct mail has been a mainstay business practice for several years as a method of delivering targeted messages to a certain demographic set of consumers. [...]

Lease Module

Lease Module The Lease Module provides dealerships the ability to calculate new and used car lease scenarios maximized for profit and customer satisfaction. Unlike the competition, Master Mind's Lease Module [...]

Inventory Module

Inventory Module The Master Mind Inventory Module enables a dealership to maximize the presentation, valuation and control of their inventory to maximize profits and inventory refresh. The Inventory Module provides [...]

CRM Module

Customer Relationship Management Module Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, has been somewhat of an afterthought with retail automobile dealerships but with the increases in consumer demands, shrinking profit margins and [...]

Internet Module

Internet Module The Internet has changed the automotive consumer's buying habits and the information available to them during the research and buying process. Dealerships are facing more informed consumers than [...]

Finance Module

Finance Module The Master Mind Finance Module simplifies the deal structuring and expedites the delivery process. With built in functions to control multiple payment structures and print every form and [...]

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